online marketing

Digital marketing refers to online marketing campaigns that have evolved from basic search engine optimization to the integration of multimedia and social media. While traditional marketing strategies like television commercials, radio and print advertisements continue to be effective, they can also come at an expensive price. Digital marketing is far more cost effective, flexible, interactive, […]

audience analytics

Audience analytics is an online tool that help companies get a deeper insight into their audience to improve brand perception, customer interaction, and marketing strategy. It’s not as easy as it sounds. As a business, you must first determine your company’s website content. The best content is relevant to the target audience of your website. […]

content ideas

People love to get “liked.” This real-life desire has entered the information age, thanks to the help of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. However, with this new avenue for attention comes a new point for consideration: how to get people to like your posts on social media. Of course, there are […]


Being in a Digital Era, many businesses turn to digital marketing through the use of social media to promote their products and services. One of the most commonly used yet most influencing social media sites they use is Facebook. How do they make the most out of Facebook? Answer: By creating Facebook pages. The more […]