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3 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Google Plus

google plus

Google plus is increasingly becoming an essential strategy for any business on social media. It is projected that it boasts an overwhelming 250 million users and this number is expected to grow very quickly since Google is making a Google Plus account that is mandatory for all Gmail users. It is such an amazing platform for business as it gives you another chance to get for better search engine rankings. Similarly it is known to conglomerate other Google products and services in one place. Are you in a dilemma on how best to use Google Plus to market your business? Here are some tips to give your business an almost immediate boost using Google Plus.

  1. Include Relevant Links and Keywords on Your About Page

The About page is a perfect opportunity to give a quick overview of all what the business is about. What’s more you can be in a position to also link back to specific pages and services from this page thus directing customers to some of the most important pages on your website. Make sure to include informative information that researchers will want to know about the company. Google Plus also allows you to use bullets in your description. This makes it simple to create a list of your products and services that is easy to read. Take advantage of this unique feature.

  1. Use Google Plus Events to Connect to Audience

Following the announcement of Events feature by Google, Google users are in a position to send out customized invitations to a person of their choice regardless of whether they are Google Users. It beautifully syncs with the Google calendar and shows up when a user confirms an event automatically. Apart from sending out invitations to webinars, parties, work functions and many more, Google Events also sends out invites for Google plus Hangouts. Apparently, this could be the best catalyst to get your business on board with lots of Google plus Hangouts or preferably increase the level of awareness and attendance of the events you are hosting.

Google plus Events has another feature known as Party Mode that allows everyone in attendance to upload pictures instantly into the same album using Google plus mobile app therefore creating a living photo journal of a specific time and place. The photos can then be previewed in a chronological order as a slideshow.

  1. Post Often and Optimize for Search

Google Search results yield more good results when they take into account your social connections. Therefore it is important to include keywords within your posts so that they will show up in the followers search engine. Google’s search algorithm takes into account personalized results pilled from Google plus activity. Note that the more relevant and content based your Google post are, the more research results you will likely show up in.

Bottom Line

There you have it. Following the above tips will give you and your business a jump start as well as a solid foundation to build your overall Google plus strategy. Sparing a few minutes a day nurturing your presence will not only boost the profile of your Google plus, but also increase your business presence online overall. Did you find these tips helpful? I bet you did.