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3 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

instagram marketing

Are you already promoting your business on Facebook and Twitter? If you do, then you already know the relevance and effect of social media on the business landscape. The whole wide world is on social media, and that is where the businesses need to be.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. In the month of March’14, Instagram announced on their blog that they have reached over 200 million users, and over 50 million of these 200 million users joined it in the last six months. It is growing at a humongous pace and with Facebook squarely behind it; it is going to grow much bigger in the coming months and years. In the article below, we will discuss three tips for marketing your business on Instagram.

Focus on the users first and business later

First of all, you need to understand that Instagram is an image-based social network where users can follow the other users they like. The key to engaging the users on this platform is to keep their requirements in mind when posting content. Therefore, it is important to post images that are liked by the users on Instagram and not focus solely on the product photos.

One way to engage users is to post images of the employees with products or post photographs of the product being used by consumers. Another way to engage users is to ask them to submit photographs using your product. This will not only engage the audience but will also increase brand awareness.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways of marketing on Instagram. The key to effectively use hashtags is to create a hashtag specific to your brand. It is not necessary to have a hashtag in the name of your business. You need to use something catchy and trendy which relates to your business. One of the best examples of effective use of the hashtag is the #HaveABreak hashtag used by Kitkat. This particular hashtag effectively conveys meaning of the brand.

KitKat regularly asks its followers to post images with their product while having a break. This not only engages the users but also encourages them to share the brand with their friends and social circle.

One other way to effectively use hashtags is to make use of campaign specific hashtags. So, if you are promoting a special menu on a particular day in your restaurant, you may name it something like #TuesdaySpice. Promote the hashtag by offering special discounts or coupons to users.

Make effective use of your profile

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by many businesses. They do not use their profile effectively. There is no other place on Instagram, which lets you share so much about your business at one place. Keep in mind that if the users like the pictures you post, they will check out your profile.

Instagram allows you to have a short bio but more importantly, it allows you to link to your business website. It means that users can jump straight to your business right from inside Instagram. Therefore, it is recommended that no business should start marketing on Instagram without first filling out their profile completely.

Social media has tremendously increased the marketing reach of small businesses. However, businesses need to use effectively the various social media platforms to reach their target audience at a low cost. We hope that the tips presented above will help businesses in achieving their marketing goals on Instagram.