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3 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Twitter

twitter marketing

Twitter is a popular social networking site that allow users to connect and stay up-to-date with people. Most users like it because they can share snippets of information much quickly. Many businesses and marketers have taken advantage of this to promote their products among the Twitter users. Marketing on Twitter focuses on retaining simplicity, growing a following and maximizing your exposure. But to make the most out of these marketing efforts, you need to employ effective strategies that can turn users into customers.

3 tips for marketing your business on Twitter:

Create a Robust Profile

The description of your business should be in a language that’s beneficial to your customers. Let them know why they should be interested in your business.

Include a link to your website’s landing page exclusively for fellow Twitter users. Provide an opportunity for your followers to receive useful articles or e-books. For example, when they sign up, they can receive information that would help them understand your business and how it can meet their needs.

Build a strong relationship by providing additional free content about the current events in your marketplace. Consistent, useful and informative communication plays an integral role in building this relationship.

Attract followers

Provide quality and market targeted information to educate your followers. This may include a series of written articles, private label articles posted on article directories or newsletters with useful information about your niche market.

Add links to these articles on your Twitter profile, on each Tweet and on the squeeze page to direct traffic back to your site. It is referred to as a squeeze page because it does not focus on selling but “squeezing” or directing traffic to your site, where the sale can be done.

Find people who want to follow you as well as people you would want to follow. You also need to follow experts and influencers in your niche. Ensure you know what they always tweet. Establishing a relationship with key personalities in your niche would only be beneficial to your business.

Convert Followers Into Customers

Tweet quite often to ensure that your Twitter profile page is active. Write about what you’re doing and invite as many people as possible to follow you. When you do this, you will begin to see people following you.

Focus on answering questions and giving useful information. This allows you to establish yourself as a reliable expert in your niche market, thereby building relationships with fellow users.

Develop a strong reputation and build your brand by talking to users through direct messaging, posting useful information and avoiding blatantly advertising your business. Stay current and updated to keep your brand noticeable and memorable.

Tweet summaries of your information, including a link back to your website for the full story. Once a follower gets to your blog or website, he can explore how your business will meet his needs and sales will take place.

In conclusion, the success of any marketing campaign depends on your strategies. These effective strategies will help you increase your online presence, thereby marketing your brand and making more profit.