How to Increase Facebook Likes Without Spending Money

Being in a Digital Era, many businesses turn to digital marketing through the use of social media to promote their products and services. One of the most commonly used yet most influencing social media sites they use is Facebook. How do they make the most out of Facebook? Answer: By creating Facebook pages. The more the likes that your page has, the bigger the audience you have, thus increasing your business’s popularity and sales. Now, the big question here is how to increase Facebook likes without spending money. This might sound like a significant challenge, yet for most digital marketers who carefully researched their target market and the use of Facebook, this feat is a piece of cake. Here are the top seven tips on how to do it like a pro.

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1.    Create posts with relevant images matched with creative and interesting captions. This combination can perk your audience’s interest. Using these will also prevent your audiences from “unliking” your page.

2.    Limit the posts. Yes, it is fun to post many times a day. In contrary, your audience would think that you are already spamming their newsfeeds. When that happens, some might “unlike” your page. Based on research, it is best to limit your posts to only three daily. Not only would you avoid spamming, but you would also be able to reach a stronger engagement – likes, comments, or even shares.

3.    Know the best time to post. It is vital to know when you can get the most likes, comments, and shares as this will surely boost your page’s popularity. How would you do that? The answer is to tip number four.

4.    Maximize Facebook tools such as Facebook Insights. One helpful tool on Facebook is the Facebook Page Insight. This tool ranks your content or posts based on your gained likes, comments, and shares. It also shows the type of audiences you reached, which country they came from, and the amount of reach per posts. It also shows the time slots where you gained the most likes, comments, and shares.

5.    Boost audience targeting. To get that target reach you need, Facebook allows you to filter your target based on gender, relationship status, age, location, language, interests, etc. Doing this will enable you to gain a higher engagement percentage.

6.    Engage with your audience. Be proactive in engaging with your audience by replying to posts – may it be positive or negative posts – and liking comments. Active posts can appear on top of newsfeeds; thus, people can easily notice them.

7.    Create a digital marketing plan. The best and foolproof way on how to increase Facebook likes without spending is to create a well planned digital marketing plan. Creating a digital marketing plan will help you visualize your timeline – your content and time slots.

Why spend a buck when there are a lot of creative yet effective ways on how to increase Facebook page likes without spending money. You just need to research thoroughly and utilize Facebook tools.