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Love to Get Liked? Learn How to Get People to Like Your Posts on Social Media

People love to get “liked.” This real-life desire has entered the information age, thanks to the help of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. However, with this new avenue for attention comes a new point for consideration: how to get people to like your posts on social media.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to get that same attention online that you’ve been enjoying in real-life. With that in mind, check out a quick tip rundown of how to get people to like your posts on social media.

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Show yourself

For personal accounts, it helps a lot to show your face on your profile picture, to give your followers a mental image of yourself to hold on to. Followers are more likely to engage in interaction if they’re reading something posted by a face, not some vague object or illustration. Give your account a personal touch, and people will be more inclined to connect.

Be Interesting

No one likes a bore-fest of an individual! Whenever you post, make sure the aim is to keep your target audience feeling emotions, whether it’s happiness out of some vacation photos you’ve posted, sympathy for some unfortunate events in your life, or plain interest in something new you’ve done this week. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter what the emotion is: what is important is that you give your followers something to feel for and with you.

Post Regularly

The jump from a relative unknown to a well-known online presence isn’t as easy as it seems. But you need to find keep pushing.  By posting daily (several times, if you can swing it), you make yourself a familiar presence to friends and followers, giving you a socially-active appearance and giving your audience a sense of anticipation.

Make Creative Posts

Sure, you might lead an interesting life, but if your audience realizes you’re just posting the same pictures or vids essentially, it might not translate as well into social media. Make spontaneity and variety the rule for your posts: a witty comment here and an exaggerated reaction there will make people look at you as an actual person, instead of as a slideshow.

Showcase What You Like

Sometimes, the things that make people interested in you don’t have to come from your well. Liking other accounts shows your audience the stuff you admire online, broadcasting your interests for potential friends and followers to see.

Engage with the community

This goes hand-in-hand with the tip above. Once you see someone like the same stuff you do, make some time to let them you like their taste! If they scoop you on a post, send them a like or a comment to show that you dig what they dig. Being active and supportive of other people’s posts doesn’t just make you relatable to other people; it gives you that needed approachable vibe.

Learning how to get people to like your posts on social media can be a tough learning experience: Remember, what may work for some personalities might not work for others.

But don’t lose hope! Mix and match tips, judge audience reception, and adjust your activity accordingly, and you’re one step closer to making your social media presence welcome, exciting and attractive to fans, friends and customers alike.